What comes to mind when you think of January in New England? Snow, cold temperatures certainly come to my  mind. The long-awaited January thaw? That was last week when we had temperatures rise up to 68°F. 

It was a beautiful sunny day. I sat outside with my daughters eating carrots and hummus soaking in as much sun as we could for those few hours of daylight.  Seven days later with 9°F temps and the cabin fever needs to be tucked back in for a few more weeks.

That warm weather made every ounce of my body want to start planting seeds, but I knew in January that would not be a good idea. So we just sat together, out on the step looking at the garden contemplating, dreaming and planning what it is we want to grow.  For just for a little while longer we continue the planning and searching seed catalogs and dreaming of spring.  

Don’t let these dark days of January get to you. Get outside, take a snow filled walk. Take in the brightness of new fallen snow. Feel the quietude and restfulness of the trees and plants all around you.  Know that the Spring life is there resting and waiting for the burst and hustle of Spring to come. Rest and recharge this time of year. Follow the rhythms of Mother Earth so that when Spring arrives, we too are rested and ready to keep up with the spring growth. 

I do look forward to when all the green comes back and all the trees wake up and the good green earth in New Hampshire starts to awaken and grow again.  Know every minute of every day in January, there is more light and we are closer to Spring.

Having cabin fever visit your door is a reminder that Spring is coming. What will you do when it does arrive?  Hopefully plant a garden!