Terra Basics is a locally run family farm based in Chichester, NH. Our farm and its many aspects consists of six family members (and a few others who stay with us from time to time), who are striving to live a simple, sustainable life while promoting the importance of stewardship of Planet and All that are therein.

The Gardens

We grow fresh culinary and medicinal herbs, edible flowers, vegetables and a few small fruits during the New Hampshire growing season. Although we are dreaming about a greenhouse, we do own a Tower Garden and are working to grow small amounts during the winter months indoors.

We offer dry herbs year-round. Both culinary and medicinal.

We blend fantastic teas using many of our herbs and flowers.

We are a USDA certified organic farm.  Our gardens are also a Certified Wildlife Habitat.

The Artisans

Look for all-natural, eco-friendly, sustainable household products from Terra Basics. When not in the garden, we continue to use our creativity by making some really cool items.  Check out our product pages frequently as things change a bit around here.

Product lines consist of:

Edible Flower, Herbs, and Vegetables

Loose Teas

Laundry Soap

Handmade Jewelry

Many other handmade household items and gifts

Mission Statement

Terra Basics grows certified organic herbs, edible flowers and vegetables. This makes our products beneficial to our customers and good for the Earth. We work to both enrich and educate individuals about choosing products that support a healthy lifestyle, promote environmental sustainability, and awareness for what grows around us.

Vision Statement

To produce local, wholesome and all-natural products designed to positively benefit the well being of individuals while reducing the negative environmental impact to our planet.

Our founders and supporters are those who believe in reducing carbon-footprints and nurturing our earth, which starts with changing how we affect both. By using local, natural, recycled, up-cycled or recyclable supplies, Terra Basics develops earth-conscious product lines.