Terra Basics newest tea addition is Rosemint.   Rose has been used a herb for a Millennia. Early poets of Greece, China and Persia all sang praises of the rose.  Dried roses have been found in Egyptian tombs.1

Although there are many types of roses, thousands in fact, the varieties recognized for medicinal purposes are the pure strains.  Roses such as Rosa rugosa, Rosa damascena and Rosa gallica. These are the varieties that are used for medicinal purposes. They are beautiful, fragrant and should be grown and preserved without the use of any chemicals.

The many thousands of other varieties are used to enjoy in a vase or a garden.  It is important to note that only roses that are grown specifically for medicinal purposes should be consumed.  Florist roses have been grown with chemical components and treated to keep the flower in the vase for a long time.  They should NEVER be consumed. Enjoy them in the garden or vase.

Roses have long been associated with love.  That could be because the rose medicinal key property is used to gladden the heart, when burdened with stress, grief, overwork and unpleasant emotions. Even just inhaling or looking at them imparts healing properties, helping you to, “stop to the smell the roses.”2  Literally taken, that can help us to calm and refocus during our busy modern days.

Terra Basics Rosemint Tea has the highest concentration of rose petals in our tea line.  Some of our other tea blends that contain rose petals and/or hips are our Wild Garden Tea and Peaceful Dreams tea.  Terra Basics rose petals and hips are certified organic and grown in New Hampshire from pure strains.  Rosemint tea is available directly through Terra Basics by contacting us at hello@terrabasics.com

1 The Rodale Herb Book by Rodale Press

2 Body into Balance by Maria Noel Groves, Storey Publishing

To Brew a Proper Cup of Rosemint Tea

  1. Heat water to boiling.  
  2. Using the pre-rinsed reusable cloth tea bag included in every tin of Terra Basics Tea, add one (or a little more) of the dry tea leaves.
  3. Pull the bag closed and place in your cup.
  4. Add the heated water and cover the cup with a small plate or a saucer.  You can lay a clean tea towel over the cup to keep it insulated while the tea brews.  
  5. Wait 5-10 minutes to allow time for the infusion to happen.  
  6. Remove the tea towel, plate and tea bag.
  7. Empty the tea leaves into your compost and rinse the the bag (turn inside out) and hang to air dry.
  8. Sweeten your tea if you like sweet tea and enjoy a wonderfully delicious and nutritious cup of tea.