Challenges, we all have them. Some of the garden plants have found that to be the case also. The challenge I am talking about is the wildlife, particularly, the venison, oh no, I mean deer. The deer have always been there, and I’ve often shared with them.

We live in a meadow for the most part.  The house is surrounded by forest, so of course the deer are going to like it here. I do like the deer.  They seem gentle and are passive animals. They are herbivores that travels long distances for the tasty morsels my garden offers. The dog is a deterrent in the daytime, but in the dark hours of the night, that is not the case.

This year, however, I am not sharing as much and being a bit more selfish in the aspect of the garden as I am trying to build a business using the gardens.  The deer are really just doing the same thing I am. I am trying to figure out how to keep them on the outside of the garden and they are working just as diligently to figure out how to get on the inside of the garden. Both of us are just trying to get through each day.

I purchased Pansies this year for the first time. They were growing well and they were beautiful.  It was a bit dry during New Hampshire this spring and with a big order the next day for these beautiful pansies, I decided to carefully watered them so they had the evening to drink up and be perky in the morning.  Picking in the morning is always better for flowers. I happily got up and readied myself for the morning picking, so excited for the big order of my beautiful pansies. The problem was that the deer had to have been watching last night when I watered them and started their planning. When I arrived at the garden, the middle of almost every pansy plant had a gaping section with no plant or flower.  A few were pulled completely out of the ground. I just stood there while the fury mounted. I thought, “How did this happen? What would do this?”. Then I saw the hoof prints on the ground. Then I thought, “VENSION for dinner”! After some stomping around to check everything in the garden, my fury changed to despair and I was almost in tears. I didn’t mind sharing but I do get very upset when they don’t share nicely.   After the initial rage, and then when the following upset dissipated, I was able to pull myself together enough to pick what was left. All the while knowing they are just trying survive and it will be okay. I was able to just make my order, but there were no extras left to enjoy. The deer managed to enjoy them, however, they did leave me just enough. They had to be listening last night and now I know they can do math also!

I did spend the day really wanting venison for dinner though.