Two of my favorite places; the forest and the garden.  I am so fortunate to have both in my life and in my yard. I have a wooded lot and a large yard.  The great thing about both the forest and the garden, is, they grow.

Because the trees on our land were pine and getting very large, it was a concern that they could hit the house if they fell.  Some trees had snapped in the past few years, fortunately none of them hit any building or car. We decided to be safe and have the land logged.  The pines were also causing shade in the garden as well as acidifying the soil from all the needles. Since the logging has been done, we have some really open sunny areas, not only in the garden but also in other areas that are to become more gardens.

The existing gardens are doing well with all the new sun it’s receiving.  The new garden area planning has begun. So much exciting planning and dreaming about what new things to grow!

Logging not only opened up the land, but provides raw materials for garden beds, not to mention wood to keep us warm in the winter.  We are using the left over larger branches and short blocks of logs left from logging for garden bed sides. This will help to hold in the soil that we will be adding.  

Terra basics doesn’t till land for gardens.  We layer it. We take the land just the way it is, lay down a decompostable layer; thick newspaper, plain cardboard, paper bags, then add about a foot of good composted manure. These beds sit for the winter months and in the spring are ready to be intensively planted.  Some of these beds have stumps that will be incorporated into the beds and logs for the sides. Repurposed trees in so many ways! Those stumps are a great place to put a flower pot or two of something to grow.

If you have ever seen land that is clear cut and stumped you will know the damage that can be done to the soil. It will take a bit of time for that soil to recover. By using layering in the existing rich forest soil the garden beds will be off to a great start.

Although some forest was lost in this process, some sunny garden areas have been gained. There is still some quiet forest areas to ponder some important things in life and now, sunny gardens to sip some iced tea, watch the bees, butterflies and enjoy the flowers.  What are your favorite places and how to they grow?