It’s the little things in life that matter.  Life is busy, but if we don’t stop occasionally to reflect and see what life is around us, life starts to pass us by.

When I walk down to the garden and see the first springs of life sprout out of the winter, there is so much excitement and wonderment of these amazing plants.  When the first of the Anise Hyssop is starting to bloom, the excitement and joy is abounding. I stop what I am doing just to admire the beauty. When the first nasturtium is blooming and I am jumping for joy as I have waited months for them to bloom again, when I find the monarda fistulosa (Wild Bee balm) has seeded itself in the garden, it is so amazing.

We live in a fast paced time with busy, busy lives.  Some people will pass right by the fragrant roses, ignore the beautiful butterfly, swat at the buzzing bee, or ignore the stranger.  But it’s these little things that makes life so beautiful.

When the roses are blooming stop to smell them. Take a deep breath and hold on to it just for the moment, because the moment will be gone in a second.  

When the butterfly is fluttering around, stop to watch its behavior and beauty.  Wait for it to land so you can admire its beauty, just for a moment, because the moment will be gone in a second.

When the bumblebee or honeybee goes buzzing by to reach the flower that provides its food, take a second or two to watch how busy it is. It just goes about its busy-i-ness to gather pollen on its legs, to pollinate your food and flowers, gather nectar to make honey, so it can survive the winter. If you just watch, it will ignore you and go about its business and the moment will be gone in a second.

When someone takes time out of their busy day to show you kindness, just for a moment, it can bring you so much joy. When you stop to smell the roses, ask the stranger walking by to do the same with you and return a kindness.  It’s these little things that matter in life.

Find the little things in life that get you from one moment of joy to the next. When a little kindness from a stranger changes your sadness to joy. Take a moment to remember because the moment will be gone in a second.

We are all connected. Our planet is one beautiful garden and we are all different types of flowers growing in a different corner of the garden. The garden has beauty, but we have to take time to recognize it, just for a moment.  It’s up to us to bring joy to the garden.

What little things in life bring you joy?

What little thing can you do to bring someone else joy?