January brings the snow, it makes our feet and fingers glow. That’s how the children’s book goes that we have read a million times when the kids were little. Now that the kids are grown, I’d like to change it a bit so it is more like, “January brings the snow, it keeps our garden dreams aglow.”.

Its the time to dream about gardens, which for me, means planning. The seed catalogs have begun to arrive.  I can’t wait to see the new offerings.  While I gaze at the sleeping garden outside, my mind wonders through the bountiful catalogs and I ask myself, “What will I grow this year? What beautiful new flower will grace the landscape? What new herb and veggies can we try?”.

I also have to organize my saved seeds along with the last years purchased seeds.  Since we plant open pollinated or heirloom varieties, and are careful of the varieties and locations of each type, we are able to save some of our seeds.  This helps with many things, the budget, building plant resilience to our microclimate and reducing our carbon footprint as seeds don’t need to be shipped. We have had great success in saving some seeds to help expand the quantity of the products we grow.

What are you dreaming about for your garden this year? What exciting new seed will you try?  If you find enough new things to try, you might need a new garden bed to plant it in!  I can hear my husband now saying, don’t get carried away. Let’s get planted what needs to be first, then try for some new things. Its January though, its time to dream.  Since, my hands aren’t in the soil, my minds discovers new things to plant!   Soon it will be time to pull out the potting soil and pots and transform our bedroom into the growing room. Its a sure sign Spring is coming.  Until then, let January take you away to those dreams of lush and plentiful summer gardens.