All of our teas are blended at Terra Basics using as much of our own certified organic product as we can grow. We are expanding our crops each year as the demand increases. When we have to purchase ingredients we buy only certified organic ingredients, local and/or as much fair trade as we can find. All of our packaging is carefully designed to be eco-friendly.

~ The bags used are 100% cellophane and completely compostable. They are also sustainably made.

~ The Tins we use are highly recyclable, reusable and refillable with more tea! Hint, hint.

~ The handmade tea bags are made from certified organic muslin. The string used in the tea is also Certified Organic. The tea bags are highly reusable with proper care and are machine washable. (Use natural laundry soap, not a detergent.) After years of use you can compost the cloth bag. We make these tea bags at Terra Basics.

Anna’s Tea is light and fruity. A perfect iced tea on a hot summer day. It’s a great hot tea brewed during the winter while you await the warm summer days to come.

Apple Cinnamon Tea is a hearty, robust tea. Made with organic apple pieces, cinnamon and other herbs that help to round out its flavor and provide herbal support.

Mint Fusion Tea is the perfect after meal tea. It combines herbs for relaxation and digestion. Great hot or cold.

Peaceful Dreams, the bedtime tea. A tea that helps to calm the mind and allow you to fall asleep naturally.

Rosemint Tea is an energizing tea made with our own organically grown Rugosa roses and peppermint .

Wild Garden Tea contains great nutritive herbs that support the body. Enjoy an everyday, anytime tea while receiving the benefits of micro nutrients.